Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

It's Friday morning. I love Friday mornings. Both girls go to school. Wyatt goes down for his morning nap. No daycare kids until after preschool pick-up. It's the only two hours I have to myself all week. It's 10AM and I'm eating a chocolate cupcake, drinking a diet coke, watching TiVo'd Y&theR and blogging. Bliss. Sweet, quiet, uninterrupted, BLISS.

We turned our pumpkins into Jack o Lanterns on Tuesday night. It was some serious family fun. The girls went with Grammie Susan to pick out the pumpkins earlier in the day. I thought it was so cute - they came home with a tiny one for Wyatt, 2 little ones for themselves, a medium sized one for me, and a HUGE one for Daddy.

Daddy came home from work with a pizza. After which, everyone sat around the kitchen table and got to work. Wyatt treated his more like a ball - throwing and rolling it all over the place. We let Megan and Molly draw the faces onto their pumpkins with black markers. Then Daddy did the carving. I set out to create a happy, but not so traditional face. But I think it turned out looking more like a half toothless Joker on crack. Oh well. Matt succeeded in creating a scary, scary face - and the girls LOVED it!

After we lit them up, the girls stayed outside in the white chairs wrapped in blankets for almost a half hour. They were so proud. And giddy thinking they were up so late. (Really it was only 8 o'clock, but it gets darker sooner.) It was such a fun, family night.

Pics of my costumed trick or treaters on Monday - as well as the winner of "Sneak Peek Giveaway!" You still have until midnight to enter!

I also posted a recipe for Ginger Pecans on Haute Plates today. I made them last night for Halloween teacher gifts. Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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Joanna said...

Your description of your pumpkin caught me off guard and made me laugh out loud!

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