Monday, November 17, 2008

Moshi Moshi!

We took the kids to sushi Saturday night. Our girls LOVE Sushi. Molly eats almost as much as Matt. Tuna rolls, California rolls, Cajun rolls, Philly rolls, salmon, yellowtail, albacore, tempura, teriyaki chicken, edamame, rice, miso, cucumber salad, soy sauce and name it - she LOVES it! She was jumping up and down when we told her we were going. Wyatt has been to sushi before, but not since he has been able to eat it himself. So Saturday was the first time I let him try it all out. I'm thinking maybe he likes it as much as his sister!

Some updates:
So the silly football scenario where 5 teams tie for first place HAPPENED! And Newport came in 5th in the draw. They are league champs, FIRST PLACE, but don't get to go to playoffs. It's so sad for the kids. Matt is rightfully bummed.

Mom was well enough for her LAST CHEMO last Friday!! YAY! Now some radiation and then treatment should be done. She is excited. Hopefully she'll have some hair by Kate's wedding!

Our sweet GG is sick. She is having heart surgery this morning to replace one of her aortic valves. Then, in a few weeks, when she is strong enough, she'll have kidney surgery to remove a tumor the Drs. just found last week. Please keep her in your prayers.

Today I am Thankful for my girls' teachers. Every morning they are greeted at their classroom door with warm smiles and big hugs. They both love school and this makes Matt and I so happy! Miss Lynn, Miss Sonia, Miss Pachi, and Miss Courtney fill our children with praise, love, knowledge, fun and the Lord. Thank You God for our teachers!


Aubs said...

Wyatt is too cute!! Sounds like Sushi was a fun family night!

How disappointing for coaches and the players alike....that's a tough one.

PRAISE for your Mom's treatment coming along and coming to an end!! I will contine to pray for her strength....what a precious example of courage and strength she is for me.

And finally many prayers will be said for GG. Lord~wrap your loving arms around GG and bless her w/ strength and w/ peace as she faces the surgeries ahead. Bless the doctors w/ wisdom and bless GG with an uncomplicated recovery. Thanks be to you for your faithfulness always. In your precious name I pray, Amen.

Hugs and blessings!

Tonya said...

he is soooo cute...that sounds yummy!

Glad your mom is doing well and I hope all goes well with GG...



Joanna said...

Sushi? What was the occasion?

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