Friday, November 14, 2008

Stream of Consciousness

Matt's team won. League play is done. Playoffs begin. It all comes down to how 2 other teams fare tonight. 5 teams could be tied for first place - which means someone wouldn't even go to the playoffs who rightly could've been #1 - all because of a coin toss. Who figures all this stuff out anyhow?

Speaking of husbands and stuff...Do you read c jane? If not, you should. She is freaking hilarious. Her post about her husband's stuff...CLASSIC. She also recently posted about Motherhood and Cannibalism. I can so relate.

Wyatt got his first pair of shoes. Vans. They are SO CUTE! I can barely Velcro them shut over his pudgy little feet. But that's what makes them so cute. That and the way he toddles around on them with such purpose! I could eat that kid right up.

Speaking of eating and children (and eating your children)...Top Chef New York has begun. I don't know who's more excited, me or Megs.

Reality TV...Do you watch Survivor? I want Bob to win. Anyone who fashions their buff into a bow tie is a Rock Star in my book.

My Mom loves Survivor. I've threatened to get her a buff for Christmas the last 3 years in a row. Her last chemo should be today, as long as she's healthy enough to get it. Cross your fingers! She will be a SURVIVOR!

Chemo makes you barf. In the past week I've been barfed on by 4 different children. No joke. Don't laugh. Even tho I did. But only because if I didn't, I would have cried.

Speaking of crying - I had the kids do a photo session with Kip Roof in hopes of getting a good shot for Daddy for his bday. Wyatt wasn't so happy with the group shot (We were talking about crying, remember?) He warmed up towards the end so that Kip was able to get some good solo ones of him from afar. My little girls were posing fools and I have about 100 great photos of the two of them. Here are some of my favs.

That's it. My consciousness is shot. Wonder why? It's only 1:58AM! Happy Friday! Good night.


Joanna said...

That one of Megs and Molly close up gave me the chills, it's so beautiful.

Who is Kip Roof?

Bren's Blog said...

I love the close-ups, especially the one of the two girls. Absolutely adorable!

Libby said...

Wow, gorgeous pics! LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of the two girls!!

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