Friday, November 07, 2008

My Top 10 Thoughts on the Election

Let me preface this post with the following:
These are my OPINIONS and I am entitled to them. Most everything in my life is about someone or something else. This blog is my little place in cyberspace that is ALL MY OWN. (And even then - it's mostly about my family!) So I feel no guilt in posting my opinions here. I know not everyone agrees with me. And I love that. But I don't need 900 comments trying to change my point of view or letting me know you don't like when I politicize my blog. That's just it. It's MY BLOG. Okay - here we go!

#10 McCain (and his wife) were hilarious on SNL Saturday night. And I think he was genuine, classy, and gracious in his concession speech. He was once again the man I had always admired - but who I felt had disappeared over the last 10 months. If he was that way the entire time, he might have won. (Also - if the election had happened prior to the economic crisis, if he had chosen as his running mate someone who was actually ready to be President, and if people believed winning the Iraq war was actually obtainable in say - the next 5 years - those things might have helped him win too!)

#9 In McCain's defense, I'm not sure any Republican could have won the election this year. With an ever increasingly unpopular war and our current economic downward spiral I believe Obama and his campaign were too formidable of an opponent. Fairly or unfairly, McCain was seen as being just like W and I believe a little more distance was needed for a Republican candidate to win.

#8 While I was SO over all the hoopla by the 4th, I can look back and see the benefit of an almost 2 year long campaign process. I think it gave everyone a chance to see the candidates under endless pressure...and perhaps a glimpse at how they would behave as President. Many saw Obama as inexperienced in the beginning, but I believe he grew in poise and stature. And all knew McCain as an experienced veteran, but in light of the economic meltdown - I think his poise became worrisome and over managed.

#7 I also appreciate that the time gave Americans a chance to educate themselves on the facts in the midst of mudslinging, name calling, and fear mongering. Not just in the Presidential election, but across the board - in senate races, on propositions. It may be a pipe dream, but I hope hitting below the belt will be a thing of the past in future campaigns. IT DOES NOT WORK.

#6 Even my 82 year old Grandmother said she can't remember an election night that was received like this one was. People dancing in the streets ALL OVER. In Chicago (my poor sister was sick in bed, I know she wanted to be out there!), in DC, in Harlem, in Kenya, in France, in Great Britain. Just how far do Obama's coat tails stretch? Does the rest of the World see America with a new, hopeful, happier face? I believe they do.

#5 Some may warn we are moving as a nation from individualism towards statism. And more than once this week I have been called a Socialist. But I am eager for this country to become more humanistic. It's high time we were more about WE and less about ME.

#4 Californians found it more important to vote for animal rights (Prop 2) than for basic Human Rights (Prop 8). Apparently we think chickens deserve room to roam, but adults don't deserve to decide for themselves who to marry. Embarrassing!

#3 I think it is ridiculous that the GOP spent $150,000 on Palin's clothes - turning them into donations or not. I saw Michelle Obama on the View in a $85 dress from White Dress Black Market and she rocked it! But Tuesday night, Michelle could've used a little help from the GOP. What was she wearing? I heard Barack chose to forgo fireworks in the sky after his acceptance speech due to the cost seeming superfluous in light of our economic crisis. I think Michelle made up for that by wearing them on her dress instead! Hopefully her pick for her First Lady china pattern will be much more tasteful! :)

#2 Black is the new President. And I love that. I love that my children will grow up in a more perfect union. A more equal union. They will grow up being taught that they can do and be anything they set their minds to. The American Dream is alive and possible - for every American. No where was this more evident than on Tuesday night. And that makes me proud. On that note, I did not vote for a black man. I voted for a man who I believe in. He could've been purple for all I care. Racism is taught. And there is NO place for it in my home. It is my hope that our new President will help teach my children that great men are elected President. Not White men or Black men, or Yellow men or Red men for that matter. Just Great Men. (The great WOmen part is still in the making. I hope my children see that in their lifetime too!)

{Quick side story! The other night Megan was watching a fight on UFC with Matt (yes - you read that right. SIGH!) between an African American and a Brit. She said to us "I think the white guy is going to win." Matt and I looked at each other in bewilderment because the African American was obviously dominating the Brit, shamelessly punishing him. I asked her "The white guy?!" thinking she had made a mistake. And she walked up to the TV, pointed to the African American in white boxing shorts, and said "Yes! The WHITE GUY." I love it. More. I want more of this!}

My #1 Top Thought on the Election:
YES WE DID! Godspeed to Barack Obama.

Today I am Thankful for my brother Andy. For his friendship and his support. For his energy and his exuberance. For his incredible, unconditional love for my children and his willingness to babysit at the drop of a hat! It means so much to me that he takes the time to read my rambling thoughts - and even cares enough to send me pictures and ideas for posts! Thank you God for Andy.


LauraC said...

I agree with all of your comments!! I was so happy to see that the negative campaigning Elizabeth Dole used in our state COMPLETELY blew up in her face.

And sad that we know how much the GOP spent on Palin's clothes but not on McCain's clothes. It makes me think the glass ceiling is still there, just in different ways.

Jennifer said...

I agree with ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you wrote!!!!! I love the Megan story--just perfect!! Don't you wish everyone was like that?

Andy said...

Thanks for the kind words. I love you too. I would not be the man I am today without your love, friendship, (and teasing!) that you have given me over all these years.

Colleen said...

I am the sole Obama supporter amongst all my friends and family (including my husband!!)...I love that I can come to your blog and you put all of the thoughts and feelings that I can't share with my peers, so nicely into words :). Shame on whoever tries to change your point of view- We live in the United States and everyone should have the right to their opinion (uh, especially on their own blog) without feeling like they will be attacked. On to newer and brighter days of acceptance and change :). Thanks for being such a great voice to all of us Obama supporters! By the way, the Megan story was just too cute for words :).

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