Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lemonade for a Cause

Last weekend we got together with our friends, the Walkers, and had a lemonade stand on their street. We made $48 selling Lemonade! All the $ we made went to PCRF. The kids had a blast. Especially the 3 big girls, mixing and pouring, delivering and counting! Of course, after about 10 minutes they were ready to quit and head back in and play princesses. But every so often another customer would come and that would get them interested again. I think we drank (and spilled) as much lemonade as we sold. And the poor neighbor lady's daisies on the corner were raped and pillaged. But all in all, I think the event was a success.

I love the lessons we tried to teach them:
God calls us to be
compassionate and giving.

It's fun and feels good to help others.
When a friend is in need,
no act of kindness is too small.

There is still time to donate or sign up for the race.
CLICK HERE to go to Megan & Molly's page.

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