Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I {heart} my Brother

Gotta love Brothers looking out for their Sisters.
Andy made sure this reached my inbox
moments after it was released yesterday.

I already bought my tickets on Fandango for the 12:01am showing on November 20th. Now BE NICE...I didn't have to share that with you! Anyone who wants to join in my craziness CLICK HERE to buy your tickets and then wear that sad, pathetic, teen angst, vampire lovin' badge with honor! Oh yes - and mark your calendar for my New Moon release party on the 19th.

It could be worse. You could cyber stalk Niley in hopes of a glimmer of proof that they've truly reunited. Wait....What? You don't know who Niley is? Yeah, me neither.  Nevermind.

(Denise, I think this is an AWESOME excuse for you to make the trip to Cali! Don't you?!)

MWAH peoples. Enough nonsensical escapism for today.

Back to reality...Go buy a Carter Tshirt!
(Edward wears one.)


Polka Dot Moon said...

Would that be a FUN time!! Hmmm.......must figure out how to make it happen!

Amy Croley said...

I really enjoy reading your posts! You are one funny lady! I love Twilight too :)

Andy said...

Thanks for the shout out big sis!

Did you see the one of Jacob that I sent you? He is super buff!

Jenny said...

No worries SIL. My friends and I bought tickets on Fandango too minutes after they came out! We can't wait for the midnight showing!!!

Love your new family pics! Beautiful!

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

So, I saw "Twilight" and wasn't into it (don't judge me!!) so I totally resisted reading the books. A ton of people have been after me to read them, so I begrudgingly started them a week ago - OMG...amazing! Don't know how I stayed away for so long!! Don't know if I'm Team Edward or Team jacob. I still need to finish "Breaking Dawn", but I read the first three in five days!! I'll definitely be seeing "New Moon"!

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