Monday, May 10, 2010

Showering Baby C

I went to my friend Heather's baby shower last weekend. (You might now her as Cookie Mondays). And while, knowing Heather, it really shouldn't surprise me that every. minute. detai.l was thought out and beautifully breath was still taken away. The shower was FABULOUS! Creams and Yellows. Vintage and Chic. Over the Top and yet, still Wonderfully Understated. I loved each and every thing. A few of my favorites:

The hanging lamp shade frames. I die.

The Drink buffet. Die again.

(pictures taken by the amazing Melissa Larson)

Visit Heather's Blog for more pics of the fabulousness. Be sure and read the MENU! The food was so yummy. Be sure and check out more details up on Oh My! Handmade. Happy Blog Hopping!

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