Friday, July 23, 2010

My Skill Set is Growing

I've been debating about cutting Wyatt's hair for about the past month. It was getting quite long and curly (which I love) but he kept being mistaken for a girl. And he hated having the tangles brushed out in the morning. The straw that broke the camel's back was his first swim lesson. Wet - his hair hung past his shoulders, his bangs into his eyes! When he'd come up for air, he'd sputter and spit and gasp from all the water dripping down into his face.

I cut Matt's hair all the time. And do an okay job. But I always know, in the back of my mind, that if I really screw it up...he can just buzz it. I wasn't ready to buzz Munchie's head. That would make him 8 years old in my book, and hello?!...This Momma needs to take baby steps people! The haircut was a huge leap as it was.

But that afternoon I got brave! I got out the clippers and a pair of scissors and went to work. I set him up on a barstool, turned on Toy Story 2, and handed him an Otter Pop. He wasn't STILL by any means...but he did his best. As did I. And I am happy to say...everything turned out okay! Time to update my resume. The CEO of Bringing Up Burns also cuts hair.
Here is my BIG BOY.

Somewhere between Baby Curls and Buzz Cut.
Which is right where I want him to be! =)


Amy said...

Nice job! I buzz my boys and my guy because I don't want to deal with them having bedhead, etc., but I have to say, this picture is adorable!!!

Aubs said...

You are amazing! I wont go near anyone's hair w/ any sort of cutting device!! LOVE him w/ his big boy hair cut ~ such a lil stud! this post totally took me back to brayden's first cut and how grown up he seemed to me afterwards!!

JuliaVP said...

He looks adorable! Great job on the cut (and this comes from a beauty school drop out. no lie!)

mel @ the larson lingo said...

He looks SO cute! (and so old!!!)
Great job on his haircut!

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