Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Week of THANKS - Adria Ruff

Did you have fun meeting Maureen?!
Me too.
Today, I'm excited to introduce you to the "other half" of AndersRuff Designs!

The more I learn about Adria, the more I want to go out dancing with her. Wearing clothes she picked out. Especially the shoes. (She can do my hair too!) The more I learn about Adria, the more I want share a bottle of wine and obsess on vintage, whimsical, handmade happiness! Adria designed the invite for my sister's "Boardwalk Empire" inspired Gangster Bash coming up in January. It's FABULOUS?! Here are Adria's answers to my questions on keeping Thanksgiving in her heart and home all year through!

How do you try and give thanks every day?
When I am running around the house like a crazy woman (with kids, dogs, juggling work, chores, etc....) I try to stop for one moment, look around, and say to myself how much I love my home and how fortunate I am even if it looks like a tornado just went through!

What do you take for granted that you might express more thanks for?
The health of my children.... I joke about how I am going to sell them on ebay, but at the end of the day, I need to appreciate how fortunate I am to have such wonderful (and healthy) kids!

What attributes do you posses that you are most thankful for?
My creativity, my self-motivation, my hard-working ethics, my ability to say no when needed :)

Who has treated you with kindness or generosity, and how would you like to thank that person?
My parents and Matt's parents have really helped us in so many ways during our big move to South Carolina and continue to do so, even though we live miles & miles away!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving Tradition?
Actually my favorite thing about Thanksgiving is that the weekend after Thanksgiving is when I get to pull out all my Christmas Decorations - so my answer would be DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS!

Thanks Adria! I have a hard time feeling "good" if my house looks like a tornado just went through. I need to let that go and be more thankful for my home too - clean or dirty!  Be sure and check out the AndersRuff blog today! It's a Featured Client party post of a Circus Party. Everything AndersRuff designed is beyond adorable! And the party itself was over the top "Under the Big Top!" Reminds me of Megan's Golden Birthday! Also, Maureen & Adria just added these Advent Calendar Treat Cones to the shop to hang from your tree or mantel. Only $5! So cute!

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