Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Menu Plan Monday (on Tuesday)

Good Morning! I am still on a high from the funding of another well. So amazed and thrilled at Project 320's success, year after year. It is a testament to HIS power and YOUR hearts. And a lesson in FAITH for me.

The last of our Christmas cards went in the mail yesterday. Tomorrow I'll share some of the outtakes from the photo shoot. Even the ones we didn't use were pretty cute! Britain has a true talent.

And...this week marks the end of our Christmas parties & programs. Adult ones, school ones, kids ones, friend ones, church ones, boat ones. Just family time lies ahead, which I am really excited about. The last few days before Christmas are my favorite. It can get a little crazy, of course. But usually the days are filled with gift wrapping, yummy cookies, Christmas music, a fire in the fire place, movie marathons, sleeping in, cards of family and friends filling the mailbox. I love it. 

(me before one of our fancy Christmas parties. All I want for Christmas is a hair wand. I borrowed a friends to try out this night! I had no fingerprints left after I was done styling...but I was obsessed with the waves! Compared to THIS POST, I clean up pretty well, right?!

Here's what will be on our table this week:

Monday - Italian crock pot chicken over rice with broccoli and french baguette
Tuesday - Potato leek soup with cheesy tomato bread
Wednesday - Pizza and caesar salad - "Christmas" with friends + kids gift exchange!
Thursday - Chocolate chip pancakes, bacon and fruit salad
Friday - Herbed spaghetti squash with a spinach & strawberry salad
Saturday - reservations at the Yacht Club with Grandma & Grandpa + late night church (my favorite)

If you live on our street...you'll be getting hot cinnamon rolls Christmas morning. Cause we don't need all 7 pans! (And I'm too nervous to half the recipe.) Now my mission for the rest of this week is to get ALL the wrapping done before the 24th. This way I can go to bed at a reasonable hour Christmas Eve and wake happily to get those cinnamon rolls in the oven. Not wake like the Grinch! Here I go...

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Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

You clean up beautifully! <3 you, friend!

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