Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Wyatt's first year of baseball started a few weeks ago. He was very excited to be on the Angels! He is loving practice and games and all the gear. He has his own bat bag and glove and hat and pants and jersey and long red socks and cleats and even a CUP. It puts it all on and walks around the house in a way that I might die. 

He's been ready for this day for sooooo long!

The morning after his first practice, he came out dressed and ready for school with his cleats on. I had to explain to him that cleats were only for baseball, on the field, not for school. He was so upset. Cried alligator tears for 15 minutes. "These are my faaaaaaaaavorite shoes! I don't want to take them off ever!" 

His first game brought both tears to my eyes and giggles to my heart. All of them are still so little. Many barely understand the basics and struggle to hold the bat (or drop it after they've hit the ball!!) But they are so enthusiastic. It's a lot of adults yelling "Swing! Swing! Swing!" followed by "Run! Run! DROP THE BAT! Run!" followed by "First Base! Stop! Come back! Stop!" followed by cheers louder than if it were the World Series.

Right now - every kid gets to bat. No one gets out. You are pitched to until you get a hit. (unless it's taking forever, then they bring out the tee) At his first game, Wyatt didn't need the tee in his 3 at bats and fielded the ball a few times. Even throwing it in the right direction when he let it go again. I call that a WIN! It's fun for him to have his own thing. To have something his sisters can sit on the sidelines and cheer him on in. I feel like he's been the one tagging along to their events for so long! I'm looking forward to many more Spring mornings cheering on this kid, my angel, always.


Aubs said...

okay! i totally do remember that post and i swear it feels like it was just last year!! Our kids are all growing up SO fast! It sounds like Brayden and Wyatt are alot alike ~ we've had tearful meltdowns over not being able to wear sports gear to school or church many times! =) Wyatt is too too cute!!! Go Wyatt Go!!!

Sandy Pettit said...

Erin, it just seems like yesterday that Christopher was starting baseball and loving every minute! Sooo much fun! The best times are the ones you are in! Still love it ! Love,

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