Friday, March 14, 2008

You're Invited

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Ultimate Blog Party 2008

What better time to join in the celebration than now?! My birthday month! So exciting. 5 Minutes for Mom is hosting The Ultimate Blog Party. An ab fab way to introduce my blog to new readers as well as find some new blogs I enjoy. Click on the button above for a whole new way to get lost in "Blogland." I forsee many late, albeit entertaining nights in my future this week! Looking forward to meeting you all. Party on!

My name is Erin. I am a 30-something SAHM of three - 2 girls (3 and 4) and a boy (5 months) which also makes me a personal shopper, chef, chauffeur, laundress, mediator, nurse, accountant, teacher, and maid. As if that weren't enough, I also have an in home daycare business during the week. There are always plenty of little ones running around! Life is chaotic and cluttered, loud and ludicrous, entertaining and exhausting. I always say that by 5PM I am in need of a maid and a drink! I am lucky to be married to a man who, for me, makes everything more fun and less work. He can always make me smile.

In my free time (insert insane sarcastic giggling here) I love to create. Bake, Blog, Sew, Scrap, Photograph, Plant and Write. Nothing gets me going like a new project. Whether it be sewing for a new baby, planning a birthday party for my kids or documenting an event thru pics and posts, I am always brainstorming and beginning. That however, may also be my biggest fault. Because I seem to get inspired to start something new right before that last projest is finished. Everything does come to completion - but in my own crazy misorganized sense of time. Meanwhile, we are continually tripping over the sewing machine, ironing board, specialty scissors, stamps and stickers as we proceed with what is our everyday. God Bless my husband for his patience and sense of humor, because our house is very small!

I try to live my life as just that exactly - LIFE -and see mine as a glass half full. Which it truly is, really. But there are the days when I feel a little more empty than overflowing. I think the hardest struggle for me is finding balance. A way to do it all, and do it all well. I feel I am more often dropping balls than I am keeping them all in the air, but I continue to juggle, and enjoy the ride as I go. Ever hoping to find that sense of equilibium right around the corner.

My greatest aspirations lie with my children. I strive to make their little lives fun, full and festive, equally inspirational as informative. I want them to know that my love is uncontidional, my support irrevocable, and my devotion unending. I want them to believe that our family is faithful and strong, and never feel a need to look further than here should they need someone in their corner. I love family traditions and rituals. I believe they give my children roots. And in turn, when the time is right, will allow my children the self confidence and sense of belonging needed to sprout wings.

To learn more about me as a woman read here and here. More about me as a wife read here and here. For more about me as a mother read here and here. Hope you enjoy!

Please post a comment so I can learn a little more about you! Thanks.


Alexandra said...

Hi Erin!
Great Party Post! Wow, I couldn't deal with a Daycare in my Home! I only have one 3 year old Boy,so I guess I'm a little spoiled,when it comes to noise and clutter!

Gerbil said...

Clicked randomly at the Blog Party and found your blog. I don't know, a houseful of kids sounds like a blast at least SOME of the time, absent tummy issues and the like. And if you get a nap... ;)

You have some very cute kids!

Gerbil said...

Clicked randomly at the Blog Party and found your blog. I don't know, a houseful of kids sounds like a blast at least SOME of the time, absent tummy issues and the like. And if you get a nap... ;)

You have some very cute kids!

Storm said...

Nice to meet you. Happy blogging! Beautiful family.

The four little penguins say: said...

I'm just out partying :) but I'm glad I wandered across your blog. I'll definitely be back! :)

Jodi said...

Beautiful children and beautiful blog. I got lost here for ages. Nice to meet you!

Betty C said...

I tried doing day care once - I don't have the temperament for it. Congrats to you for managing to stay sane.

Erin said...

Welcome to the party Erin!!!

Tes283 said...

First because there is an Obama ad on this site - it allows me to talk about the Presidential Election. I am still gathering info.
The item that finally decide against one of the candidates is: I LOVE the USA. I want someone who will stand tall, lift their hand to their heart or salute when the national anthem is played.

I watched the video.

I do care that not ONCE did he show the love he should have he during the playing of the National anthem. As a Senator, as a candidate for the President of the United States of America that hand should have automatically come up to his heart in an act of love.

So Obama loses my vote.

I want someone who loves America as much as I do running this country.

That love I spoke of automatically happening is the same I feel looking at your adorable children. My hand goes to my heart as I see how cute they are.

m. said...

I'm partying with pictures. :) I write about my adorable kids and knitting through my ridiculous stash. You can find me here:

Love the crochet hats! :)

Rona's Home Page said...

Wow! A daycare center on top of taking care of your family. Now that's busy.
Hello from Las Vegas!

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